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1) What kind of documents do you serve?

We will serve almost any type of document you might require.

Documents we commonly serve include Statements of Claim, Landlord and Tenant Board Documents, Plaintiff’s Claims, Notices of Examination, Summons, Motions and Demand Letters.

If you are unsure if we can serve your document, please give us a call and we will do out best to help.

Typical documents we serve include, Statements of Claim, Motions, Notices of Examination, Judgments, Notices of Garnishment, Summons to Witness, Defendant’s Claims, Family Court Notices, Demand Letters and much more.

2) What kind of parties do you serve and where?

We can serve the parties required, whether it be an Individual, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, Crown Corporation or other Government Department or Ministry.

We can attempt service at your preferred location whether that be a residence, workplace, corporate office, government building or agreed meeting location.

Our service area covers all of Ottawa and surrounding areas along with the Gatineau region.

3) Do you provide an affidavit of service?

An affidavit is provided free of charge with all serves. This affidavit will be sworn in front of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits or Notary Public and is ready to file with the court. Filing of the affidavit is not included with the fee for service.

4) How can I send you my documents for service?

You may forward your documents to us by mail, courier, e-mail or you drop them off by appointment.

Please include all relevant contact information including an email address with your package.

5) How long does effecting service take?

The exact time required for service varies depending on difficulty and location. For standard service, the first attempt is made within three business days (but often sooner).

Should you require urgent services, we can accommodate rush and same day requests for an additional fee.

6) What if the party can’t be served?

In case the party cannot be served due to an incorrect address, evasion of service or any other reason, we will provide you with an affidavit of attempted service. This affidavit be used to demonstrate the efforts made in order to support a motion for substitute service.

Attempts will usually be made across a variety of dates and times for highest chance of success. This often includes an evening, daytime, early morning and/or weekend attempt. Our process servers keep detailed records of attempts made including the date, time, location and any other relevant details.

Substitute service allows the documents to be served by a non-standard means such as mail, or leaving the documents with a family member.

Alternatively, as a client you have the option to pay for additional attempts should you so choose.

7) What payment methods do you accept and do you require a retainer?

Payment is accepted by Cash, Interac e-Transfer, Credit Card or Bank Draft/Money Order. Company cheques are also accepted but no personal cheques please.

In most cases we can estimate fees accurately prior to service and no further retainer is required. For larger cases or where the final cost may be difficult to predict, a retainer may be required.

For law firms and corporations, services may be invoiced after completion.