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Attestation of Documents with the UAE Embassy

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Attesting Your Documents for the UAE

Many clients come to us looking for help with the process of document attestation for the UAE. As such, we have created this guide to help simplify the process. The following steps are an overview of the UAE attestation process.

You may see this process referenced as authentication and legalization or attestation. Do not let this confuse you as they are essentially different names for the same thing. The purpose of the process is to have your Canadian document recognized for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Step 1 – Notarization

Notarization of your documents by a Canadian Notary Public may or may not be required depending on the specifics of your document and requirements. Generally speaking, notarization is NOT required for original birth, marriage, or death certificates, university degrees, college diplomas, and high school transcripts. Certificates issued from private colleges and trade schools almost always require notarization. In addition, you may wish to have a certified true copy made to avoid marking your original documents.

This step can be performed by PSO on your behalf.

Step 2 – Document Authentication

The second step in this process requires that your document be authenticated by the JLAC division of Global Affairs Canada (formerly DFATD). This process involves the authentication of the signature of the authority on your document. This process does not certify the contents of your document, it merely certifies the signature of the notary, registrar, or other signing authority.

Authentication by Global Affairs Canada can take in excess of 25 days if submitting your documents by mail. Using PSO’s attestation service, your documents will be submitted in person and processed on the spot.

This step will be performed by PSO on your behalf.

Step 3 – Attestation at the UAE Embassy in Ottawa

The third and final step is the attestation of your document at the UAE Embassy or Consulate General. The consular fee for legalization by the UAE Embassy varies depending on the type of document. We can arrange these details for you, simplifying the process.

As of May 1, 2016, documents issued in certain jurisdictions must be processed via the Consulate General in Toronto rather than the UAE  Embassy in Ottawa. This is a detail that PSO will take care of on your behalf, ensuring they are sent to the appropriate location after being authenticated at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.

If you are attesting a Canadian University Degree with the UAE Embassy, you must request a transcript be sent directly from the university to the embassy for verification purposes. Your degree cannot be legalized without this transcript. The transcript may not be delivered by any other means, even if sealed.

Payment of the consular fee is accepted only the form of Canadian bank draft or money order. We can arrange this on your behalf in order to simplify the process at no additional service fee.

Once this step is completed, your document will be returned to you by courier at the address of your choosing. Should you require your document shipped to the UAE or another country, we can always accommodate.

This step will be performed by PSO on your behalf.

Summary – Steps You Must Take

The following is a checklist of the steps you should take to complete your UAE Attestation:

  1. Give us a call or email. Say hi!
  2. Send us your original documents
  3. If attesting a degree, request the school send a transcript directly to the UAE Embassy or Consulate General, as advised by our team
  4. Sit back, relax, and let us do the rest!

Why use PSO for your UAE Attestation?

Save Time

The number one reason to use our attestation service is the significant time savings. The same process performed by mail can take in excess of six weeks. Our experts can have your documents attested in as little as one business day!

Save Headaches

Our team has extensive experience and a strong relationship with the UAE Embassy and UAE Consulate General. This experience allows us to get things done right the first time around and on an expedited timeline.

Save Money

While there is a cost associated with our service, many clients end up saving significantly by avoiding errors in the process, travel costs and missed deadlines.


For detailed pricing information on UAE attestation services, please contact our office at +1 (613) 203-5957 or contact@psoprofessional.ca. You may also visit our attestation service pricing page.

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Further Information on UAE Legalization

For information on obtaining a UAE Certificate of Good Conduct, please watch for our upcoming article on this topic or contact us at the co-ordinates above.

Should you wish to have us attest your documents, or require any further information on authentication and legalization or attestation of your documents for use in the UAE, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone at +1 (613) 203-5957 or by email at contact@psoprofessional.ca and we will be happy to help.