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fingerprints &
criminal record checks


1) Are fingerprints required for an RCMP criminal record check?

Yes, fingerprints must be submitted in order to obtain a RCMP criminal record check or Vulnerable Sector.

We can take your prints by appointment at our location or mobile for groups and organizations. They will then be submitted digitally to the RCMP through a secure server for processing.

2) Are you an RCMP accredited service provider?

PSO has partnered as an agent of Commissionaires Ottawa in order to provide accredited RCMP criminal record services.

3) How long does processing take?

RCMP Criminal Record Checks are generally processed within three business days from the time of fingerprint submission. If charges or convictions are found, this time may extend up to 120 days.

Results are then returned by Canada Post and we will notify you once the results are available.

4) I am outside of Canada. Can you obtain my RCMP Record Check for me?

Yes, we can obtain your RCMP Criminal Record Check regardless of your current location.

In order to complete this process, simply visit your local police station and have them take ink fingerprints on the RCMP approved form which we will provide for you to print.

It is important to ensure that the authority taking your prints signs their name, organization and contact details on the form. Once completed, please forward the original document to our offices for processing along with the completed consent forms we will provide.

Once received, your prints will be converted to digital format and uploaded through a secure server to the RCMP for processing.

Your completed record will then be couriered to the location of your choosing.

5) How long will it take for the fingerprinting process?

The fingerprinting process is quick, taking only about ten minutes to complete.