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PSO has partnered as a authorized agent of Commissionaires to provide RCMP accredited certified Canadian criminal record checks and fingerprint services. A RCMP certified criminal record check requires the client to provide a full set of fingerprints. These fingerprints are then digitized and uploaded via a secure server, directly to the RCMP for processing.  These checks can then be authenticated and legalized for use in most foreign countries.

Whether you are a current resident of Canada, or a Canadian living abroad, we can help you obtain reliably and quickly, confirmation that you have no criminal record. Should you require notarization, authentication and legalization or attestation of your record, we can also provide this service.

Common Applications:

The majority of background checks are processed by the RCMP within 72 hours of submission and the original document will be returned by mail. If a criminal record is encountered during the search, the processing time can be in excess of 120 days.

Fingerprints are typically taken on the C216C form which we can provide for you to print, along with the required consent forms. If you are located overseas, most international fingerprint forms can also be used as well. Local clients can have their prints taken at our location or mobile service can be provided at an additional cost.

For further information on our Fingerprint and Criminal Record Check services, please do not hesitate to contact our office where one of our agents would be please to help you!